28 Plays Later Challenge #27

So the last four challenges I decided not to post since they were not worthy of it. Some merely instructions or making up a language or reworkings/edits of previous posts. Todays challenge was to chose one of our favourite briefs from the whole challenge and write a new response. I decided to go with the artistic movement one when I last wrote about the early Cubism of Picasso and Braque. This time I wanted to write a piece about British Pop Art. I was searching for a vague idea when I took a bus journey into and back from Waterloo. A very dramatic brooding sky of Prussian blue at dusk on the way in and a soaked inky black London on the return seen through watery windscreen fogged with condensation and the wonderful abstract colours of random lights caught in my camera.If you choose to sit next to the only other passenger who is a madman, you tend to get a more memorable ride.



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