28 Plays Later Challenge #22


Today’s challenge was a little vague- about fan fiction and the idea of taking your favourite existing theatrical characters and making them something else. However I was uninspired by that so decided to have some fun with an imaginary fanatical fan who was just a bit too keen for comfort but very determined to hunt her prey. Not sure of the ending but went with it.



28 Plays Later Challenge #21


The last week of the challenge thank God! So today’s was loosely to write about the universe. The stars, planets, scientists fi or the sun and moon etc.

So hedging my bets I  came up with a couple of scenarios which I ended combining for contrast and a warning to those moronic climate change deniers.




28 Plays Later Challenge #20


So today’s challenge was to write a play about boundaries interpreted however you wished. This allowed me to write a piece about a subject I had wanted to tackle for a while: sexual boundaries as expounded by that new wave of headstrong, liberated, want it all Millennials on dating sites putting out some hilarious labels and boundaries to defend their self indulgent promiscuity in the name of Twenty First Century online dating etiquette.  Ladies and gentlemen please make room for two people never exactly destined for Cupid’s bow.


28 Plays Later Challenge #19


An interesting concept today to go intertextual with a cross over from art movements into playwrighting. What would a play look like influenced by an art movement? So I chose the Cubism of Picasso and Braque around 1910 with those wonderful brown nicotine still life collage’s with bottles, guitars and newspaper print in the Cafe-Tabacs of old Montmartre. How Cubism was about seeing the same objects from different view points at the same time within the same space. I’ve played with structure and form to imitate the art form.

It could do with another couple of sides at least an another couple of hours work but bed calls.


28 Plays Later Challenge #18


Challenge 18 is an absolute stinker with 10 incredibly pedantic rules including how many words in every line of dialogue, each line beginning with a different letter of the alphabet and how many pauses, scenes, characters, who speaks who doesn’t etc. Suffice to say if I followed these I would be here for a month trying to bleed it out of me. I chose a few of the rules as a frame work to adhere to and in the face of weekend life ignored the ridiculous rest. There are only so many hours in a day and this was not worth wasting them on.


28 Plays Later Challenge #17


So today’s challenge was to write a play without any emotion in it. And to set it in the domain of kitchen sink drama. Quite a difficult challenge when most plays rely on emotion between characters for empathy and engagement. So I went with the simplest of scenarios with very low stakes and set it in a kitchen. Take it away Joe and Fay.



28 Plays Later Challenge #16


Write an autobigraphical play… except that it’s not your autobiography. And in fact, it’s not even true!

This is an intriguing idea, especially trying to write a play about someone who is you but not you. There are certain elements of me in this and part of the fun might be guessing which. Nobody really knows me after all. Yet.